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genesis 3:19
1 corinthians 13:4
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— copying kess and a bunch of other randos i’m sure

things that happened in 2013:

  • got accepted to university
  • got rejected from architecture programs
  • changed my career plan (just a lil bit though)
  • saw airbourne toxic event with nicole
  • saw taylor swift with rachel
  • my current boyfriend told me loved me for the first time and he hasn’t stopped since
  • went to prom
  • graduated from high school
  • left my job at second cup
  • drove to the beach countless times over the summer 
  • spent long nights with liam
  • payed for my tuition all by myself 
  • moved 5 hours away from home to start school 
  • saw walk off the earth during frosh
  • got a job as a waitress at the restaurant down the road
  • made new friends at school and at work
  • went to a party with all new people and finally discovered what i actually like to drink 
  • applied for a full time summer job at a resort 
  • learned the ins and outs of a new city
  • had my one year anniversary with my boyfriend
  • mastered the art of time management 
  • failed my first university exam
  • got through my first term of university
  • trying to decide if i want to continue with engineering/architecture, or give it all up to get a phd in mathematics or something…
  • hopefully also working on not worrying so much
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— When did I become a cheap drunk?
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— Drank last night.

Got pretty tipsy.
I think the beer did me in lol
But success because I’m not hungover!!

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 #and a new project
 #and peace of mind
 #although this weekend was fun
 #i'm just tired
 #and i want to sleep even though it's only 7ish

i want a new go to url/username thing

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— shopping day with nicole and ciara~

giiiiirlllsss daaaaaay c:

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— i was offered to be put on the wait list for ryerson

… to bad i’m going to Carleton :D

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 #yay for thoughtful boyfriends

a wonderful end to a crummy week~

liam bought me flowers, took me for coffee and asked me to prom.

it was sweet, simple and it really brightened my mood!

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i can drive alone in the car now, I GOT MY G2 WEW!

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 #wish me luck
— g2 test today~

omg D;

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my mom just got in a car accident… and now i might not have a car for my g2 test

thank god everyone is okay

but fml